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The Harbor Vocational Training Center exists to reach orphans ages 10-18 years old. We are trying to accomplish three goals: build the relationship, give a skill/vocation and help an orphan to be a self-sufficient citizen in the society. Weekly our center helps 60-65 orphans and in 10 years since its opening more than 400 orphans have been helped. The students make various items such as pottery, batik, arts and craft, etc that we sell in Russia and abroad. Fifty percent of sold products supports a student and another fifty is reinvested into the center to cover the costs. 

"Tens of thousands of orphans in Russia are aged out of state institutions each year at age 17. Most of these young adult orphans enter a cycle of self destruction, often falling into a life of crime. Many of these stories end in suicide. The founders of The Harbor recognized a profound gap exists between the orphanage and life outside. The Harbor fills this gap by placing young adult orphans in residential family-style communities, giving them an eduction, and teaching them skills necessary to maintain a home and thrive in Russian society." For more information please visit our home page: 


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